Reiki Benefits?


  • Reiki works on all physical symptoms, including serious illnesses like heart disease, cancer, tumours, liver and kidney problems, arthritis, asthma, migraines, backaches, burnout, fatigue-related symptoms, depression, general pain, etc.
  • Reiki strengthens the immune system and reminds the body of its natural healing ability.
  • Reiki is complementary to the medical profession and to alternative practitioners. Many nurses and doctors have taken the course.


  • Relieves stress, chronic irritability, burnout and fatigue-related symptoms. It eases depression and fear-related causes as well as addictions.
  • Reiki calms the mind and reminds us of our natural equanimity.
  • A stronger sense of Self, leading to greater confidence and creativity.
  • Increases Self-Love, Self-Respect and Self-Worth, leading to a more compassionate and caring attitude towards others and ourselves.


  • Identifies out-of-date belief systems and attitudes to promote change.
  • Increases intuition and mindfulness, leading to greater awareness
  • Increases concentration and helps to focus.
  • Promotes meaningful relationships.


  • Helps to discover your Inner True Self.
  • Helps to discover your natural talent and direction in life.
  • Increases awareness during meditation.